What to Do When Your Car Won't Start

If there is a problem with your vehicle's ignition, the car is not going to start. There are many common reasons as to why the ignition is not working like it should. For instance, it could be that it is soaked in engine oil. If this happens, you will need to both fix the leak and replace the soaked parts.

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Tire Pressure on Your Vehicle and Avoiding a Tire Blowout

If you are not getting your tires rotated on a regular basis, you could run into trouble that could be easily avoided when a tire tech can spot these issues before they become serious.

If you are not looking closely at the tire tread each week, little things could lead to big problems. Small obstructions in the tire could cause the tire pressure to drop and increase the likelihood of a blowout. 

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Don't Forget Your Car in Your Road Trip Budget

When planning for a road trip, planning the budget is one of the most important steps. Make certain that you do not forget about your car when planning for your trip. Keeping your car in top shape can help save money by avoiding costly repairs and improving your gas mileage.

They may seem like little things, but keeping your tires to the right inflation, keeping the oil changed, and changing the air filters can add up to big gasoline savings. If your car has been talking to you with that little warning light that you keep ignoring, it is best…

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Traditional Roadtrip Games All the Kids Will Love

Time to put down those mobile devices and allow the kids to have some summer fun as you head off to that vacation destination. Here are a few games to play in the car that require nothing but a wild imagination.

With the I’m Going on a Picnic game, it is all about memorization. Player one simply says out loud what item they are bringing to the picnic that starts with the letter A. Player two must repeat that item but come up with a B item too. 


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Myths and Misconceptions about your Motor Oil

Motor oil is one of the most important things you will ever put into or take out of your car. It is the lifeblood that keeps your engine purring along and can mean the difference between a happy engine and a poorly running engine. As critical a component as it is, some damaging misconceptions can be very detrimental to your overall vehicle health.

A common myth of motor oil is that synthetic oil is always better. Many advanced engines are designed with very tight tolerances that require a deep penetrating, low viscosity synthetic oil. 

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Driver Control in Rainy Conditions

In dry conditions, drivers can control the speed and direction of their vehicles. The road grips the tires and braking is a matter of making sure to allow enough distance to stop safely. Many people use cruise control. Rainy conditions can affect your control over the direction of travel and the time required to stop safely.

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