Popular Mechanics names the Kia Niro EV its Car of the Year!

At our Fort Collins dealership we love all our new Kia models. Naturally, that means we're a bit biased towards them, so it's always great when an outside source - like Popular Mechanics - gives any of our choices an accolade.

And that's exactly what happened in mid-April! We were thrilled that they named the Kia Niro EV its Car of the Year, and members had a lot of great things to say about this electric crossover.

For one, they loved that it didn't put on any airs. That's not to say the Niro EV isn't packed with features, but that it is a vehicle that didn't bang on about being an electric. They felt the Niro EV showed us what a future where electric cars weren't "unusual" or unexpected could feel like. Its affordability also won them over, and we are seeing electric vehicles starting to become more cost-effective so that more drivers from Longmont and beyond can get them, even if they aren't making six-figures.

The Kia Niro Family

The Kia Niro lineup is comprised of three models. The one we tend to sell is the Kia Niro Hybrid, and it's a perfect entry for Greely Windsor commuters looking to lower their fuel consumption. If you want to go further into the alternative realm there is the Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid (shown above). You will have an all-electric range for a bit, but when that runs out the hybrid engine kicks in, ensuring you make it home to Loveland CO. To completely dive into the "green vehicle" world, choose the all-electric Kia Niro EV. Its EPA-estimated range is 239 miles, and thanks to the 17,000 charging stations across the country, you can do long-haul drives if necessary.

For more information on how you can bring home the award-winning Kia Niro EV, contact our dealership. Even though we don't always carry it, we can get one for you or show you our Kia Niro Hybrid.

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