Financing and Auto Loans, Here at Tynan's

Get the financing and auto loans you need with our online, secure application 

After you've searched for the vehicle that you want to drive around Longmont, it's time to fill out our financing application to see your auto loan eligibility. You can come into our Fort Collins dealership to take care of the paperwork, but we suggest doing it ahead of time. Our online application is safe and secure, and in just a few minutes you can have it finished and all from the comfort of your couch. Plus, it'll save time once you drive in from Greeley Windsor. 

Why do I have to fill out a financing application? 

What the application does is allow us to pull your finance history. We'll be able to see your credit score, its age, and any other useful information. Along with informing us on the auto loan eligibility, the information from the application also affects the APR rate if you're looking to buy new or used or the monthly payment cost for leasing a new Kia. This form is considered a hard pull on your credit history, so keep this in mind as you're shopping for vehicles, as too many pulls can hurt your score. 

What sort of information do you need 

Even though the financing application is important, it doesn't take long to finish, and you don't need to break out boxes of old paperwork to complete it. We just need details on the following: 

  • Contact information (and co-signor if applicable)
  • Housing information
  • Job/income information

    What if I have concerns? 

    Credit mishaps happen, and if you have a young credit history, no credit, or have had some bigger hiccups, don't fret. We regularly work with customers who had credit numbers that maybe weren't ideal, and we have still been able to get many of them behind the wheel of a reliable vehicle to bring to work in Loveland CO. If this sounds like you or someone you might be co-signing for, contact our dealership before filling out the financing application. 

    The financing process doesn't need to be tedious or scary, and we'll work hard to help you secure the right auto loan to take home your dream vehicle. Start by filling out the financing application or contact our finance center.

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