Get behind the wheel of a hybrid or electric Kia vehicle!

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10 years ago, not many people were buying hybrid or electric vehicles, but that's changed a lot! Now there are alternative vehicles with more contemporary looks or ones that're based off popular gasoline versions. Plus, there are more charging stations for those vehicles that need to be plugged in! If you're ready to take the plunge and move away from a fully-gasoline model and into an alternative vehicle, you'll have several choices with the Kia lineup! First, we'll go over the three engine types for these "green" models and then the available options.


This is one you're probably most familiar with. Hybrid models have a gasoline engine that's paired with a lithium-ion battery. You'll go to the gas station like usual, and to help get better fuel ratings the lithium-ion battery will go to work. This is a great vehicle if you do a lot of long-distance driving and don't want to worry about if where you're going past charging stations.

Plug-In Hybrid

This vehicle bridges the gap between hybrid and 100% electric, meaning that you'll be able to use only electric power when doing shorter commutes, and when you need to go longer distances you can rely on the gasoline engine. Plug-in hybrid models get charged at home and at quick charge stations.

Electric Vehicles

EV vehicles don't rely on gasoline, so say goodbye to your favorite gas station attendant and hello to fast charge stations and your home chargers! Most EV models these days have a range of at least 100-miles, and that's suitable for more drivers than you'd think. If you don't do a lot of driving and/or have family nearby, an electric vehicle might be a solid option. You can also get attractive state and federal tax incentives that really bring down the prices, which are already affordable.

Kia's Hybrid Models

Kia's Plug-In Hybrid Models

Kia's Electric Vehicles

To see which of these alternative Kia models is right for you, visit our dealership this weekend for a test drive!

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