Why you should lease a new Kia!

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At Tynan's Kia Fort Collins, many of the shoppers that come in to test drive a new Kia end up leasing. If you're on the fence if you should buy for the long-run or lease a new Kia, we'll show you the benefits of going with this short-term option.


When you lease a Kia you'll only have the vehicle for about three-years. This is perfect for drivers who start to get antsy and want to get into a new vehicle with updated features and looks on a regular basis. At the same time, if you end up loving the Kia you lease (or go over the mileage, which we'll talk about below) you can buy out your lease.


The cost of leasing a Kia depends on the model, the trim, the down payment, and of course your credit history. That said, when you lease a Kia you typically pay about half of what you'd pay each month if you were to buy! That is perfect for shoppers who are on a tighter budget yet still need a reliable vehicle or people who want to put extra money towards other bills.

Maintenance Coverage

Kia vehicles are known for being inexpensive to maintain, but they still have associated costs. The good news is that many of the costlier services aren't needed until around four or five years, and you'd already be well into another lease. Oil and tire changes are the most common services that lessees need, and they aren't too hard on the wallet. If you need any major repairs, they'll likely be covered by the warranty, as well!

The Caveat

There's one true caveat to leasing a Kia, and that is your mileage. Most Kia leases are capped at 12,000 miles a year, so if you're someone who spends a lot of time on the road, leasing wouldn't be an appropriate choice. Overages fees are 20 cents per mile, and they can rack up quickly.

Visit the Kia incentives page and click "Lease Offers" on the left-hand side. Then you can click through what promotions are available for the month. If you don't see an offer for the trim you want, contact our sales team and fill out our financing form so they can put together a monthly amount for the new Kia you have your eye on!

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