Rolling on Slippery Roads in the Winter

Automotive winter tires have a heavy-duty design for optimum traction on paved roads that might be covered in ice, snow or sleet. The tread patterns of such high-performance tires are engineered to overcome natural obstacles.

Tynan's Kia Fort Collins offers a large selection of winter tires for passenger cars. If you have an SUV or crossover SUV, you'll want to select items that are compatible with all-wheel drive and other traction-management technology. Tires for such vehicles typically have studs that prevent freezing rain and sleet from sticking to the tread. Special grooves and notches in the tread also improve traction on a slippery surface.

Steel belts and other composite materials strengthen winter tires for cars that roll on AWD. Various blends of rubber also contribute to enhanced durability on rough roads. For example, some winter tires have a rigid finish to resist damage from contact with solid ice and other hard formations on the road. 


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