Suspension Warning Signs

As you drive your vehicle there are a number of systems that contribute to the overall safety of your vehicle and how well your vehicle can handle its own weight. One very important part of your vehicle is the suspension. When something goes wrong with this area of your vehicle you are going to take notice. When you do notice a problem you should bring your vehicle in to our Tynan's Kia Fort Collins service center. Our technicians can take a good look at what you are noticing and see what the problem may be. Let us know if you experience:
  • Uneven wear on your tires.
  • Uneven tire pressure after filling.
  • Your vehicle feels like it is drifting or pulling to the side when you drive around a corner.
  • When you brake your vehicle it feels as though the front end takes a nose dive or dip.
  • Damaged and oily shocks can indicate suspension issues.



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