Driver Control in Rainy Conditions

In dry conditions, drivers can control the speed and direction of their vehicles. The road grips the tires and braking is a matter of making sure to allow enough distance to stop safely. Many people use cruise control. Rainy conditions can affect your control over the direction of travel and the time required to stop safely.

Tynan’s Kia Fort Collins drivers know to avoid large puddles and standing water on the road surface. When traveling at high speeds, standing water can cause the vehicle to hydroplane and go off course. Driver control is better than cruise control in wet conditions. Drivers can make quick adjustments such as avoiding deep water on the road.

At Tynan’s Kia Fort Collins, we offer tips for safe driving in rainy weather. We also provide maintenance and safety inspections to make sure that your wipers, tires, and braking are in good working condition. Please call or stop by our service center today.

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