Traditional Roadtrip Games All the Kids Will Love

Time to put down those mobile devices and allow the kids to have some summer fun as you head off to that vacation destination. Here are a few games to play in the car that require nothing but a wild imagination.

With the I’m Going on a Picnic game, it is all about memorization. Player one simply says out loud what item they are bringing to the picnic that starts with the letter A. Player two must repeat that item but come up with a B item too. Player three has to call out all the items and add a C one. This continues until a player is tripped up and out of the game.

20 Questions is easy to play: one person thinks of something and the rest of the car have twenty yea or no questions to guess correctly. Get the car inspected before that long roadtrip when you stop by to see us at Tynan's Kia Fort Collins.



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