What is a Differential?

Have you had your differentials checked? Each time you get a tire rotation or checkup, you should have your differentials checked and your oil replenished if needed. The biggest issues with differentials is that they can become stuck if not lubricated, causing issues with your tire axles’ rotation.

Differentials are important in order to rotate your axles effectively. It allows the wheels to rotate on the same axle, even when going at different speeds. For example, the inside wheel will always turn slower than the outside wheel on a turn.

With a front-wheel drive vehicle, your differential is located in the front, and it’s the opposite for rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive will have one in the front and in the back. The next time you stop by Tynan's Kia Fort Collins, ask for a differential checkup to see if you need to replenish oil or fix any issues.



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