Tips for Tire Care: Tread and Pressure

Low tire pressure is one of the leading causes of a drop in fuel efficiency and can also lead to a tire blowout. Learning to recognize the signs that your tires need to be topped up with air is a vital skill and one that is easy to learn.

Buy an inexpensive tire gauge to aid you in determining the exact pressure of your tires. Your owner's manual will provide a guide to the perfect range for your vehicle. Use the gauge on a cold tire, one that has not been recently driven. Over-inflating your tires can lead to uneven wear that shortens the life of your tire. Under-inflated tires cause more friction with the road, which leads to further degradation and may even cause the tire to puncture.

Checking your tire's tread may be as simple as inserting a penny between two treads, with Abraham Lincoln headfirst towards the tire. If you can see all of his head, this indicates low tread and it's probably time to have the tire replaced.



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