Tire Pressure on Your Vehicle and Avoiding a Tire Blowout

If you are not getting your tires rotated on a regular basis, you could run into trouble that could be easily avoided when a tire tech can spot these issues before they become serious.

If you are not looking closely at the tire tread each week, little things could lead to big problems. Small obstructions in the tire could cause the tire pressure to drop and increase the likelihood of a blowout. Bulges or cracks in the tread are early warning signs and should not be ignored.

Things you shouldn't be too concerned with are when the air temperature drops ten degrees because the pressure in the tire drops one pound. You'll lose one more pound each month just from air naturally escaping the tires, so just keep this in mind if the pressure indicator goes off.

Call Tynan’s Kia Fort Collins to schedule a tire rotation appointment so we can keep a close look at the tire treads all year long.

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